Unleash Your Inner CEO

An 8-week course to empower you to thrive Financially and operate your business and life like a cash-confident CEO

Do you desire to live the life of your dreams, effortlessly covering your expenses, and (best of all) enjoying the freedom to plan spontaneous vacations?

Picture this for a moment...

You're confidently launching new offers to your email list, pricing them exactly as they should be, and watching your customers eagerly pay for your valuable services.

Your prices resonate perfectly with your sense of worth, and you have an amazing team that not only supports your vision but thrives thanks to the abundant cashflow from your successful business.

You stand firmly in your worth, fearlessly asking for what you deserve when it comes to financial matters.

Your bank account balance always has a healthy number of zeroes in it, and you know that not only did you earn every penny, but you deserve it.

But if instead, you feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel, working tirelessly without achieving the abundance you desire, it's time to break free from that cycle and create a life of true prosperity. You're in the right place!

OF $1497!

Pamela Plick’s approach not only taught us robust financial management systems but also modeled them through her calm, focused, and compassionate execution.

"Participating in this course was a transformative experience that extended beyond traditional learning. Pamela's depth of knowledge, coupled with her generous mentorship and consistent support, created a nurturing environment that fostered both personal and financial empowerment. Her approach not only taught us robust financial management systems but also modeled them through her calm, focused, and compassionate execution. This course is a must for anyone looking to elevate their financial and business management skills and to experience a profound journey towards financial independence and confidence."

Harriet Tubman Wright

Your Guide to Be Fulfilled and Free,
Director of The Wright Resort, You Soul Safari to Success

Here’s the deal: If you’re constantly thinking thoughts like…

  • “I have to work really hard if I want to make good money.”
  • “If I get rich, everybody will want to borrow from me.”
  • “Rich people are jerks.”
  • “Money is the root of all evil.”
  • “I never have enough.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how much money I make. I’ll spend it all regardless.”
  • "I put off making financial decisions because I just don’t want to deal with them."
  • “I’m scared to even open my bills.”
  • “There’s no way MY business could ever bring in that much money per month.”
  • I am trying to do it all myself, even though I feel overwhelmed.
  • “I don’t understand how other coaches/entrepreneurs make so much.”
  • “No one would pay me THAT.”
  • "I don’t feel comfortable charging what I'm worth, because I may lose customers."

….then you are literally blocking your own success. There’s a silver lining here, though. Because at the end of the day…

Money Isn’t The Problem. Fear is The Problem.

Not to burst your bubble, but the truth is that we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to money.
It’s not your clients, other shiny & successful entrepreneurs or even “the world” that’s keeping you down (at least not completely!).

It’s your own beliefs about who you are and what you’re capable of that are holding you back–big time.
Worse? These beliefs can affect your business–and your bottom line–a million different, sneaky ways.

Maybe you stall when it comes to making financial decisions, like waiting way too long to raise your rates or let that one not-so-fun (and definitely not lucrative) client go.

Maybe you don’t feel like you can give or receive money with ease–you’re trepidatious about spending and just as insecure about receiving (money or even just support and help!).

Maybe you are constantly beating yourself up over your past money missteps–like that time you paid $12k for a flashy business coach or invested $500 in designer shoes that haven’t been worn…ever.

Maybe you even think you’re “doing well”…until you hop on IG, see a few other coaches talking about their lucrative launches & instantly feel like a failure who “should” be further along when it comes to your money (and the number of “k’s” you pull in each month).

Don’t get me wrong: Fears and doubts around the almighty dollar are normal.

But…every lingering fear, doubt and limiting belief is blocking you from attracting the abundance you desire and living the life you deserve with a business you love.

It’s true: Your limiting beliefs–many that were established erroneously in early childhood–become major stumbling blocks when trying to create a profitable, successful business.

But there’s good news…

Empowered to ask for and achieve what I truly want, I've found profound alignment and abundance in my life.

"Pamela's course was transformative, offering not just clarity, but also a strategic plan that aligned my business aspirations with my personal values. Through uncovering my archetypes and constructing my dream budget, I've been empowered to ask for and achieve what I truly want. This has led to increased business income, new clients, and the confidence to negotiate better work conditions. I am profoundly grateful for Pamela's wisdom and generosity, which have not only boosted my business but also brought alignment and abundance to my life."

Catalina Rodriguez

Spiritual Healer and Coach

Kat Tarot

You Can Transform Your Fears, Become a Confident CEO & Allow Your Full Income Potential to Flow!

Think of it like this…

You’re at a dog park and see a dog you want to approach–but you’re scared. Maybe you’ve been bitten in the past, maybe you just don’t get dogs or maybe you’re unsure how to properly approach a dog this size/breed/you-name-it.

If the dog can sense your fear or reluctance, it might walk away…or worse.

But if you approach the very same pooch with an open hand (and maybe a treat for good measure), it’ll come right up to you, lick your hand and probably become your new, fluffy best friend.

However…if you’ve ever been chomped on by the dog in the park, you’re probably not going to waltz up to it with your palm out, are you?

Instead, you’re going to cower, hide, or just generally exude a vibe that you’re not here for it.

So the dog will either ignore you, you’ll ignore it…or you’ll approach it in a weird way and turn it off completely.

Sounds reasonable, right?

What I’m getting at is this: It’s not the dog that’s the issue.

It’s your fear of the dog.

Because if you could just learn to overcome your fears and ideas about what this dog might do, or could do, or probably will do just because another dog has in the past…

….you could completely change your relationship with dogs.

Luckily, you can change your relationship with dogs if you want–and you can do the very same thing with your money.

Re-Wiring Your Brain Can Happen In Far Less Time Than You Think!

With just a little time and effort, you can actually change your internal filter and create a new, more positive mindset around money, abundance and all things finances.

A mindset where you recognize your own worth–and charge accordingly.

A mindset where you receive with ease and spend without a panic attack.

And a mindset where you trust deeply & fully in yourself and your ability to bring in the money you need to support yourself, your business and your dreamiest dream lifestyle.

It’s possible. (And it’s actually required if you really want to operate like a confident CEO.)

And that’s where I come in.


Unleash Your Inner CEO: Break Free from Money Fears and Embrace Abundance

In this transformative, step-by-step course, designed exclusively for purpose-driven, women coaches, consultants and service providers, you’ll learn to kick the money shame in your brain to the curb and get rid of negative financial habits holding you back, so you can finally make mental, emotional and physical space for money to find its way into your wallet (where it should be) and operate your business and life like a cash-confident CEO.

You’ll learn how to:

🗸Get real about what’s holding you back financially so you can stop avoiding the problem and start tackling it head-on

🗸Practically adjust not just your behaviors, but your beliefs about the money you earn so you start to deeply believe you deserve more

🗸Get rid of the clutter that’s blocking your abundance with tangible tools and techniques

🗸Rewire your brain to create new neural pathways to create ample wealth in every area of your life

🗸Replace bad money habits with abundance-attracting rituals to put you in control of your financial freedom and make you the boss of your brains and your books

The time is now to unleash your financial greatness and become the confident and profitable CEO you were destined to be. Believe in yourself, take action, and watch as you transform your dreams into a reality of extraordinary success.

What exactly will you learn, you ask? Here’s what’s in store for you in this 8-week, guided course…

WEEK ONE: Introduction & Opening Session

In this opening module, we'll set the stage for your transformation. You'll gain insight into what to expect during our 8-week journey together, and you'll learn how to make the most of this course. You'll also clarify your personal goals and intentions for this course so that you can embark on this empowering journey with a clear vision and a strong sense of purpose.

WEEK TWO: Get Clear on Your Fears

We have to be real about our issues in order to overcome them. In week 2, we dive headfirst into a deeply honest self-reflection about our relationship with cash money. It's time to identify the specific money fears and beliefs holding you back so that you can conquer them and step confidently into your path to financial empowerment.

WEEK THREE:  Define Your Desires

You’re crystal clear on your fears–now what? It's time to visualize what you truly want. What's your vision for a life filled with abundance and empowerment? How does this vision align with your deepest values and aspirations? In Week 3, we don't just ask these questions – we help you uncover powerful answers. Once your vision takes shape, we guide you in setting goals that will not only move you closer but propel you towards your extraordinary vision.

WEEK FOUR: Rewire Your Brain to Bring in the Bucks

Once you’ve come face to face with your money fears and shown them the door, you’ve officially made space to invite the abundance you’ve been working for. But… how exactly do you do that? Week 4 is packed with healthy manifestation rituals and practical money-management advice that’ll put you fearlessly in control of your cash. One major limiting belief that stops CEOs from stepping into their next level financially is the idea that they “don’t know how” to manage their money. Week 4 will help you determine your CEO mindset and routines so you can feel empowered around money–like the boss you are.

WEEK FIVE: Release with Ease so You Can Open Up to Receive

You can’t re-stock your fridge if it’s full of rotting veggies, right? Receiving more money works the same way–we have to get rid of the old to make way for the new! Now that we’ve identified what’s holding you back and started to retrain your brain to love (and not fear!) Money, Week 5 will teach you how to let go of the clutter that’s taking up space in your life–space where financial abundance could be! When you clear out what’s no longer meant for you mentally, emotionally, and physically you’ll make room for abundance to flourish.

WEEK SIX: Kiss Bad Money Habits Goodbye

Once you’ve come face to face with your money fears and shown them the door, you’ve officially made space to invite the abundance you’ve been working for. But… how exactly do you do that? Week 6 is packed with healthy manifestation rituals and practical money-management advice that’ll put you fearlessly in control of your cash.

WEEK SEVEN: Create New Abundance-Attracting Rituals

Feeling abundant isn't merely a stroke of luck—it's a habit, a cultivated practice that you, as a purpose-driven leader, can actively develop to transcend financial barriers and step into your next level of success. In module 7, you'll be empowered to command your wealth with the conviction and grace of the powerful CEO you are meant to be.

WEEK EIGHT: Bonus Session-Completion & Celebration

You'll love this bonus session where we complete the integration of everything you've learned in the course. It's a time for reflection, goal setting and celebrating the progress you've made during this course. We'll focus our intentions and set the stage for what's next on your journey to operate your business and life like a cash-confident CEO.

Here's What You Receive In the Program:

7 Weeks of LIVE Virtual Training with Pamela

Value: $1,750


Each week you'll receive a new live training focusing on one of the key steps that you can easily digest and includes simple exercises to help you begin to shift quickly. You'll be able to access the replay from your computer or device 24/7.

A 24/7 Online Learning Community

Value: $1000


Step into our vibrant 24/7 online learning community – your dynamic space to dive into assignments, explore recordings, grab handouts, and effortlessly access vital program details whenever it fits into your schedule!

Mindful CEO Resource Library

Value: $2000


You'll receive access to our Mindful CEO Resource Library, your treasure trove housing empowering resources crafted for your inner transformation. Dive into this curated collection brimming with tools meticulously selected to empower your journey toward becoming a cash-confident CEO in your business and life.

Plus, you'll also receive these special gifts…

BONUS: Closing Integration and Celebration Session with Pamela

Value: $250

You'll love this bonus session where we complete the integration of everything you've learned in the program. We'll focus our intentions on your shifts and set the stage for what's next.

BONUS: 2 Guest Expert Video Interviews Hosted by Pamela

Value: $ 350

Gain exclusive access to 2 Guest Expert Video Interviews hosted by Pamela, providing an immersive dive into the core concepts you're already exploring. These interviews are curated to enrich your learning experience, offering deeper insights and ensuring that your newfound knowledge becomes an integral part of your growth journey. Soak up the expertise and wisdom.

BONUS: CEO Mindset Unleashed: Your Exclusive Breakthrough Session with Pamela

Value: $250

In this private, 1:1 session, you'll receive personalized guidance and expert insights to shatter the barriers holding you back from financial abundance. In just 30 minutes, we'll:

  • dive deep into your unique challenges
  • align your goals with your inner CEO vision, and
  • equip you with actionable strategies and next inspired action step to propel your journey towards lasting financial empowerment

Get UNLIMITED Access to the recordings of ALL sessions

Once each recording is released, you'll be able to watch them, any time and any where.

BONUS: Exclusive Unleash Your Inner CEO Private Facebook Community

Value: $1000

Connect with our Unleash Your Inner CEO community in this exclusive online environment, where you can openly share your wins, challenges, seek inspiration, and foster valuable connections and networking opportunities. This supportive and nurturing community is dedicated to standing by you, offering guidance and encouragement at every step of your journey.

BONUS: Empower Your Wealth, Enrich Your Legacy Special Event

Value: $1250

Embark on a transformative journey with "Empower Your Wealth, Enrich Your Legacy," an exclusive virtual 4-hour event meticulously designed for women entrepreneurs hungry to enhance their financial wisdom and carve out a legacy that lasts.

BONUS: $1000 Future Training Credit

Value: $1000

Embark on a path of continuous growth with this exclusive offer: a $1000 Future Training Credit. Upon successful completion of the course, you'll unlock this credit, serving as a beacon for ongoing evolution. This credit will be applied toward our 6- month program if you choose to further your journey towards money mastery with me within the next 90 days. It's a strategic investment in your perpetual learning and empowerment, ensuring that your financial journey remains vibrant and thriving.

Here's Everything You Get When You Enroll in Unleash Your Inner CEO Today…

You’ll receive exclusive access to:

  • SEVEN (7) Tuesday, 75 minute, LIVE virtual Classroom and Group Coaching Sessions plus a bonus Completion & Celebration Session (***See the course date & session schedule at the bottom of the page) VALUE $2,000
  • A 24/7 online learning community VALUE $1,000
  • Mindful CEO Resource Library VALUE $2,000
  • BONUS 2 Guest Expert Video Interviews hosted by Pamela VALUE $350
  • BONUS CEO Mindset Breakthrough Session with Pamela VALUE $250
  • BONUS: Exclusive Unleash Your Inner CEO Private Facebook Community VALUE $1,000
  • BONUS Empower Your Wealth, Enrich Your Legacy Special Event VALUE $1,250
  • BONUS Future Training Credit $1,000

  • Total Value $8,850

(Total Program Value: $8,850)


Transformed my approach to business, empowering me to develop a CEO mindset and set actionable goals.

"Pamela’s program was transformative, helping me to develop a CEO mindset through the focus on changing beliefs and setting actionable goals. I now feel hopeful and well-prepared, with clear income goals and a retirement plan set for March 2025. I highly recommend this course to anyone starting out or feeling stuck in their business, as it not only teaches valuable skills like setting smart goals and using affirmations but truly empowers you to move forward with confidence and clarity."

Jennifer Miele

Health and Wellness Coach

Will these changes happen overnight? Of course not. We’re not talking about waving a magic wand to make life perfect.

This course is about making small changes to your mindset that eventually will have a cumulative effect that leads to more financial abundance and business growth.

Join me inside and step-by-step, I’ll help you to take charge of your wealth mindset and invite it to grow–without guilt, shame or a nagging feeling that it’s all going to disappear somehow.

If you truly want to become a wealthy CEO who is as confident about her cash as she is about her craft, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

I can’t wait to see your cup overflow with abundance.

What these powerful women have to say about Pamela's work...

“Pamela can truly help you develop the money mindset and skillset needed for financial success and a thriving life. “

Michelle Lange
Video & Online Launch Strategist
Founder, Visible Impact

"Pamela Plick is a beacon for those seeking guidance and inspiration in their personal and financial endeavors. Her dedication to uplifting women and fostering a culture of success and legacy is nothing short of inspirational!"

Elizabeth Ocean

Founder, CEO, Women's Holistic Business Academy

"If you are willing to step up your financial savvy and learn to love your numbers you have opened your path forward. It’s exactly what Pamela says – financial wisdom is power.”

Sue Painter


About Pamela

Pamela is on a mission to empower purpose-driven women to confidently build wealth from the inside out! Through her work, Pamela merges the spiritual, emotional and practical aspects of money providing the education, strategies and tools to grow financial confidence, security and freedom. She is a speaker, show host and bestselling author of Rise to Your Money Power: A Step-by-Step Guide for Building the Foundation for an Empowered Relationship with Money and creator of the Unlock Your MONEY POWER DNA™ program. Pamela is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, Certified Money Coach (CMC)®  and CEO/founder of Pamela Plick Wealth Management LLC. To learn more, please visit

Some Questions You Might Have Before Embarking on Your Journey With Us...

Is this course right for me?
If you are a purpose-driven woman coach, consultant or service provider ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, unleashing your inner potential and embracing an elevated CEO mindset then this course is for you.

What if I cannot attend the calls live? Will there be access to the recordings?
Yes, every live session will be recorded. After each session the recording will be in the private client portal for you to listen to as many times as you like.

Do I have to finish each module before moving to the next?
Each module and lesson builds upon the last and the course is designed as a live course. But, if you need to miss a session, you can watch the recording at your convenience.

How much time and access will I get with Pamela?

During the weekly training sessions you will be able to connect with Pamela with an opportunity to ask your questions, get feedback, and dive deeper into your specific challenges you might be facing on your journey. In addition, you have the opportunity to schedule a private 1:1 bonus call with Pamela.

Do you have a refund policy?

Because we hit the ground running, once the program starts, we do not offer a refund.

When do the class dates take place?

The course will begin on July 9, 2024 and run through August 27, 2024.

Online, LIVE program sessions (all sessions are at 11:00 am-12:30 pm Pacific on Tuesdays*)

July 9th - Session #1

July 16th - Session #2
July 23th - Session #3

July 30th - Session #4


August 6th - Session #5
August 13th - Session #6

August 20th - Session #7

August 27th - Session #8

Have more questions?
If you still have questions or would like help deciding if this opportunity is right for you, let’s talk. Schedule a breakthrough call here/ or email me at with “question about INNER CEO" in the subject. I will be in touch ASAP.